What is FlySick-seq?

FlySick-seq is a transcriptomic resource for the study of the host response to infection in D. melanogaster. In Flysick, you can find gene expression data for every gene following sterile wound, inoculation with heat-killed bacteria, and infection with 10 different bacteria: M. luteus, E. coli, S. marcescens Type, Ecc15, P. rettgeri, E. faecalis, S. aureus. P. sneebia, S. marcescens Db11, and P. entomophila. We provide expression data for the following time points: 12, 36, and 132 hours post-infection.

This resource is associated with the publication: Comparative transcriptomics reveals CrebA as a novel regulator of infection tolerance in D. melanogaster. Katia Troha, Joo Hyun Im, Jonathan Revah, Brian P. Lazzaro and Nicolas Buchon

How to search FlySick-seq?

To search the expression profile of any gene, start typing the flybase identifier, CG number, full name or symbol of the gene and select its full name.

If you'd like to compare or plot multiple genes, hit 'add' after each gene instead of submit. Once you have your full list, click submit.